Types of Braces

Types of Braces

  • Introduction
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Clarity™
  • Clear Aligners
  • ClearCorrect™
  • Damon®
  • Damon® Clear™
  • Empower®
  • Gold Braces
  • Incognito™
  • In-Ovation® C
  • In-Ovation® R
  • Insignia™
  • Inspire ICE™
  • Invisalign®
  • Invisalign® Teen
  • Lingual Braces
  • Metal Braces
  • Mini Diamond Braces
  • Mini-Twin Braces
  • Self-Ligating Braces
  • SmartClip™
  • SPEED System
  • SureSmile®
  • Victory Series™ Braces
  • WildSmiles



Simpli5 clear aligner system is the new aesthetic treatment for straightening and realigning your teeth without the use of brackets and wires with traditional braces. Simpli5 is the perfect solution for mild to moderate spacing and crowding issues in teens and adults.

Made with precise 3-D imaging technology, the Simpli5 system consists of five sets of aligners that are 100% invisible and lightweight. They are comfortable to wear and easily removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. Each set of aligners are worn for three to four weeks, allowing the patient’s teeth to move slowly to the desired position. Depending on the amount of tooth movement required, total treatment time averages three to five months.

To see if you are a candidate for Simpli5, contact our office to schedule a consultation!

GAC In-Ovation

We are proud to offer the In-Ovation series of brackets, from GAC Dentsply. In-Ovation braces feature self-ligating brackets, which allow more control during treatment than more traditional brackets. The difference is that they are smaller in size but also stronger and more efficient because they have a built-in clip that holds the archwires in place without the need for wire or elastic ties. This allows for greater overall attractiveness and a more reliable product.

Types of In-Ovation Series Brackets

With our comprehensive selection, we’re sure to find the In-Ovation series bracket that’s perfect for your individual needs:

  • In-Ovation R brackets are sturdy and focus on being as small as possible, minimizing discomfort during orthodontic treatment and making cleaning your teeth easier.
  • In-Ovation C brackets combine the strength of In-Ovation series brackets with the cosmetic appeal of translucent ceramics to form a self-ligating brace system that is effective and aesthetic.
  • In-Ovation L brackets are attached to the back of your teeth, for the absolute best aesthetic option – no one will know you’re even wearing braces unless you tell them!

Empower® Clear

Empower Clear is a series of self-ligating braces from American Orthodontics. The braces are made of durable ceramic material that blends in well with the teeth. The archwire is held in place by high-performance self-ligating clips, making wire adjustments easier and faster. Empower Clear delivers exceptional treatment results.